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Questions for hemp knotters

Hi everyone,

I'm a big macrame buff. Particularly when it comes to making my own hemp jewelry. I have a few questions for those who know. I was wondering if any of you made your own beads, and if so, how? What tools do you need? What materials do you use? Any resources you'd recommend?

Secondly, how do you guys keep your hemp strong and looking like the "high quality" fashionable jewelry that they sell at, let's say, american eagle? I've heard that bees wax works, can anyone testify to that? [How would you apply the wax to the hemp anyway?]

Lastly, what books, if any, can you suggest that will teach various knots and stlyes of knotting hemp? I have Max Lunger's "Hemp Masters: Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting..." I heard that his second edition is good, but are there any books like Lunger's that are worth while?

Thanks so much to anyone who answers!
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