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how to make a salve

a salve is a healing ointment or balm, and it's extremely easy to make.
you'll need: oil-your choice(olive, grapeseed, almond, apricot kernel, coconut,...)
grated beeswax, herbs(your choice), essential oils(your choice), glass jars, cheesecloth, funnel, glass/enamel pot.
you'll want to plan ahead and think what you're going to be using the salve for. what healing properties do you need from the salve? think about what herbs and essential oils would be beneficial.
once you've figured out what herbs and oils you want to use, you'll have to infuse them together. this is usually done by losely filling a clear jar with your herbs(not all the way to the top), cover the herbs with oil. sit the jar in a sunny spot for at least a couple weeks, shaking the jar everyday. *if you're too impatient to infuse your oils, and want your salve NOW, then put your herbs and oil in a crock pot on the lowest setting overnight, or for a couple days instead.
When your oil is done infusing then strain out the herbs with a cheesecloth. place your oils in a pot on the stove and turn the heat on low. (it's best to not use metal pots- glass or enamel are best). add some grated beeswax to your oils. the more beeswax you add, the harder your salve will be. i'll usually do a test by putting a bit of the salve in a spoon or small container in the fridge to cool... you can then tell if it's at the consistancy you would like. when you've found the right amout of wax for your preferance then now is the time to add essential oils if you wish to do so.
after stirring the oil up well, pour into jars.
there you go, easier than pie.
this is also the same way you make lip balms... but with lip balms you would add more wax.
you can experiment with diferent blends of oils and adding cocoa butter, jojoba wax, or shea butter.
i'll add on some recipes to try soon...
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